Below is a selection of questions we have been asked from time to time.

Does Leasebam Supply Vehicles?

No! We are a marketing company that brings buyer and selling together only. How Many vehicle Suppliers Are There On Leasebam's System? This constantly changes based on how busy that supplier is (do they still needs customers from Leasebam), but also based the availability of the vehicles concerned.

Why Do You Not Publish Prices?

In essence that is why Leasebam was created. Many published prices are wrong and as vehicle prices (resalable value after the contract) are constantly fluctuating, it is possible that prices will also fluctuate. We want our suppliers to price your vehicle on the price today, based on current values and your driving information such as mileage and maintenance options, not the price it was last month based on their chosen options.

Do You Receive Commission On Any Deals Made?

No! In fact we have no idea what deals are made through the system. The car suppliers pay us for having access to customers who may be interested in deals, nothing more. We have no data on how interested any consumer is in actually going ahead with a contract and no data on what deals are actually agreed.

Do You Give Preference To Any Firm

No! Just like comparison sites, Leasebam is consumer driven. In short the happier you are with using the service, the more you will return and recommend. The deals on this site are for your benefit not any specific firm.

What If I Am Unsure About The Deals I have been Offered?

You should always get professional advice before you enter any financial agreement. This is something Leasebam cannot give you. If you are still unsure whether car lease or contract hire is right for you, then you should NOT go ahead with the deal until you have had all the options explained to you. Ultimately the final decision rests with you.